Hello Bitches!


10/28: Brian McKay's House Party, Fullerton

First Mechanics gig. Scott tore a ligament in his knee during Iggy's "I Got a Right", a sign of things to come. He's escorted to the hospital by girls dressed like giant bunny rabbits.

11/20: The Masque, Hollywood : F-Word

Legendary punk club audition. Owner Brendan Mullen spent most of it running empty room to empty room like he had something important to do, then pops his head in as we're tearing down and says The Mechanics are 'Way Too Metal!' to invite back, and runs off, never to be seen again.

Saving the day was chatting with our hero's The Dogs on the way there by their place on Gower, and stopping at Denny's on Sunset afterwords. We'd only been playing with Tim a couple of months, and were still getting to know each other at this point. During a quiet moment at the table, Tim puts his hand to his mouth to cough, and instead loudly fake coughs a crapload of torn up parsley all across the table. This is when I knew we were gonna be godhead :-)

12/11: Troubadour, Hollywood : The Weasels and The Model Citizens

Scott starts the show by pouring hot wax on himself and diving on top of the first three rows of people. The great Weasels ('Beat Her With a Rake') singer Mike Brophy sat upstairs rocking in a fetal pose during Scott's act and then went out to try and top him. I think he ended up breaking something.

The Model Citizen's were a group of cool uber-nerds. The bass player got to sing all of one song, and when he did, he ran giddily from mike to mike to mike to sing his lines like a hyper little kid. Their guitarist was future Wall of Voodoo great Stan Ridgeway!

RIP to the great Mike Brophy...

12/28-29: The Whiskey A' Go Go, Hollywood : The Runaways

Coolest moment of our lives, bar none. Lita Ford wore Sandy's studded wristbands both nights, and Tim had an impromptu writing/jam session with a coked out Kim Fowley (The Runaways weren't speaking to him at this point, so he hid in our dressing room both nights.) Joan Jett spent all her spare time making out with her cute little blonde girlfriend, and my teen dream Jackie Fox (original bassist) came backstage to say hello and I nearly passed out.

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