We're Goin' Straight To The Top


1/8: Troubadour, Hollywood : Sister and The Clique

Sister (led by Blackie Lawless (then Goozeman/future W.A.S.P. singer)) cleared the place after he pulled out his "Live Bait" box and started hurling huge, wet worms at the audience (the ones he wasn't eating). The Clique were a Runaway's clone with Dyan Diamond, who later released a fairly good solo LP.

1/20: Marquee West, Arcadia : Sister and Deuce

The Marquee West was a huge Vons market converted into a rock and roll club. It was the easily the biggest and best club since the Golden West Ballroom in Downey. Blackie brought his then girlfriend Star Stowe backstage, who was recently a centerfold in Playboy magazine (Holding a Rickenbacker bass no less). We were seriously impressed. The other less scary guys in Sister spent all their time staring into the black and white TV they brought with them. Rock stars are fucking wild and insane, always.

Dave Roth was hanging out backstage and joined me in a joint circle. I passed it to him for about the 8th time, and in a tired Dave baritone said, "Oh, no thanks man. Too much already". When it came around again I didn't want to be rude and not offer, so I passed it to him again, and this time he perked up and said, "Aah! More dope!".

1/27: Marquee West, Arcadia : Mizzouri Foxx and The Flyboys

Mizzouri Foxx (who I know like 3 people who even remember) were asking for $1500 a show back in the day and actually getting it. They were fairly huge and a big draw around the 210.

2/7-8: The Whiskey, Hollywood : The Plugz

Monsoon weather hit both nights. Absolutely poured. Tito Larriva of the Plugz (later of the Cruzados) was the most charming person we'd ever met. Their original drummer didn't speak a word of English and smiled at everyone a lot. We loaned him a carpet the second night since no one told him the first night that his kit would glide all over the stage without one (it did.) Tito went on to be cast in Quentin Tarentino flicks and had a big part on Pee Wee's Playhouse. Cool guy, deserves everything that's happened to him.

2/25: Christy Lantz's House Party, Fullerton

From original bassist Brett Alexander!

That's where we setup and played in Christy's garage. It opened up to an alley with everyone hanging out in front of the garage along the alley way, the lightweights were in the house doing lines and drinking girly cocktails. The swing-up garage door had saggy springs and kept falling down because Scott was jumping around hitting it with his head and my Cerwin-Vega bass cabinet rumbled so causing the stick holding it up to fall out and the door come crashing down. We kept blowing the main breaker and had to stop and start a few times until we got the circuit flow worked out. Christy got real pissed that we were blowing the breaker and that we were so goddamn loud. She wanted a band for her party but got a little more than she bargained for! Also, a very young Mike Ness and Dennis Danell were sitting right up front with their jaws on the ground. They hit us up later that night and wanted to talk about music n' shit, saying they had been learning how to play their instruments and were starting a band. Mike was enamored with Tim's writing and playing and was asking him about all the octave shit he and Dennis were doing. He was funny and goofy, we liked him.

4/11: Rock Corporation, Van Nuys : Lace and Jester

4/18: Troubadour, Hollywood : Lace and Freestone

Everyone was excited to meet Freestone who had the indie single, "Bummer Bitch", which is one of the greatest obscure 45's ever. They hung one of their members on a cross during the single's 'A' side, "Church." My Mom was in the audience and thought everyone was on drugs. Go figure.

4/22: Brea Community Center, Brea : Berlin

Berlin (Pre-Terri Nunn, electronic mess) were a tight Pistols-like pop band and we all played with each other at some point (John Crawford was in the Brats with Brett, Dennis, Sandy and Scott, Ty, Arfie and Dan were in the Toys with Tim).

5/19: Merrilark Roller Rink, Fullerton : The Strand and Brian McKay

The Strand were the band Scott, Sandy and me went to see when we were learning our instruments. They had cool songs and cool hair (ducktails in the back, short on top.) They were doing Iggy and New York Dolls covers before anyone else in the area.

Brian McKay wore a suit and had his honest to god Penthouse Pet girlfriend mix drinks for him while he danced to 50's Saxophone music. Did I mention this was his stage act?

6/4: Santa Ana Studio Ripped Off

Lost 2 Marshalls, drums, and beloved 1973 Flying V, now worth about 5K. Rikk Agnew lost a nice looking Hagstrom bass. Turned out to be Santa Ana junkies. They started a band that went on to become White Lion and are now famous. Kidding.

7/15: Andy Epstein's House Party, Somewhere in the Valley

Showcase for Manager Andy's money connections with our new bassist Tim Maag. Scott wrestled Andy's lady friends onto his sofa which they actually seemed to enjoy.

9/12: Cuckoo's Nest, Costa Mesa : Suite 19

Suite 19 were a hair band with Tommy Lee (later of of Motley Crue) as their drummer. They made off with our P.A. head we'd rented from Tony Alamia Audio, and we had to drive to freakin' La Cresenta to get it back. They left it with their guitarists cute little grandparents in case we had plans to kick their butts (we did ;-)

10/22: Starwood, Hollywood : Skin and Killerwatt

Skin was a Dean Chamberlin (Motels-Code Blue guitarist) led band. Sandy and me kept belching the word "Skin!" out loud during their soundcheck.

10/28: Bryan McKay's House Party, Fullerton

11/19: Starwood, Hollywood : Prophesy and Radio Child

Prophesy were a rock band lucky enough to have the great Matt Sorum (later of The Cult and Guns and Roses) as a drummer.

12/12: Starwood, Hollywood : Switchblade

There was a line 7 men deep for some girl in a Starwood bathroom stall. Scott's coating the audience with a box of Cocoa Puff's during "Breakfast Cereal Bonzanza" totally paled in comparison.

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