Cool Kids Never Have The Time


1/13: Club 88, West L.A. : Berlin

1/24: Woodsound, Monrovia : Body English

Scott downed a pint of 151 before the show. Sample witty stage patter: "Linda Lovelace is coaching the Rams. She blows a few, but doesn't choke on the big ones." He passed out 5 minutes after the shows end.

2/2: My Shrink, Fullerton

2/18: KNAC FM, Live on the Homegrown Show

Hour long "Homegrown" show. Previewed cover of Jan and Dean's "Dead Man's Curve", which became a staple on KROQ's "Rodney on the ROQ" show. Jan and Dean both gave it thumbs up, which was a nice vote of confidence.

2/19: Club 88, West L.A. : Berlin

2/20-21: Rock Corporation, Van Nuys : Mick Smiley Band

Mick Smiley looked like a British rock star and had a track on the Ghostbusters soundtrack ("Magic") that made him a small fortune. He always had a killer band with him, one that at one time included the great John Nyman of Eulogy.

2/23-24: My Shrink, Fullerton

2/27: The Squeeze, Riverside : The Kats and The Scooters

Made mistake of flipping off unimpressed San Bernardino bikers, had to travel in a pack after the show as to not get killed or anything. The Kats and The Scooters were two of the 1000's of skinny tie wearing Knack clones to get recording contracts, while great bands like The Weirdos fell into oblivion. New Wave sucked!

2/28-3/1: Gazzari's, Hollywood : Atlantis and Atascadero

Atlantis were a Black Sabbath clone, complete with frizzy, pyramid hair-do's and flashing devil signs. Sandy's response was to climb out of their view above the stage and do the "Freddie" in his tight-whites with the house's spotlight on him. Satan 1, Mechanics 10.

Atascadero really were from Atascadero (near Cambria) and came down to seek their fortune. They had a cute female singer hopping around on a pogo-stick one song, so the second night there were numerous return drunks in the audience yelling "Pogo-Stick!!"

3/5: Club 88 : Paul Warren and Explorer

Paul Warren had a major money record deal, then dropped off the globe for a while. Re-emerged as Rod Stewart's guitar player for years. LP's really a great pop record, worth checking out.

3/17: My Shrink, Fullerton

My Shrink was a dingy biker bar, but it was walking distance from our studio, and they gave us an unlimited beer tab, hence the three shows in two months. They had a storage balcony in a corner about 8 feet off the floor that bands actually set up on. Treacherous to take Marshall's and Ampeg's up a shaky ladder, even worse when you're plastered on all the free beer after the show.

3/23: Grant High School, Van Nuys

Noonie. Scott belly-flopped off the concrete which went over really big with a school full of people named Tad and Heath.

3/25: Troubadour, Hollywood : Crime and Video-Nu-R

Crime were a semi-legendary San Francisco punk band with a great early NY Dolls sounding single ("Baby You're So Repulsive!") By the time they came South, they'd gone Rock-a-Billy and slowed their songs down to a crawl. Everyone who came to see them were bummed out. They still looked bitchen' though.

Video-Nu-R boasted a little mustached hippie guitarist named Bob Deal, soon to be the much spookier Mick Mars of Motley Crue.

4/1: Starwood, Hollywood : The Strand and The Vains

Two O.C. bands at the Starwood, might have been a first. Later that evening waiting for my girlfriend (who waitressed at the Rainbow Bar n' Grill) to get off work, I sat for an hour with John Entwistle who was waiting for his side project who also waitressed there. Had weeks of joy telling people about "John and me" drinking Scotch and waiting for our dates.

4/6: Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Berkeley

Scott and me loaded up on two fifth's of Jack, hash oil, a ton of weed, and 4 hits of blotter acid we got from a real, honest-to-god Grateful Dead roadie. Later I boxed a drunken CIF wrestler in a bathroom, 15 minutes after that said wrestler tackled me from behind as we came out for set number 2. 1: Broke my prized 73' Flying V's neck. 2: Knocked me out COLD when I went face first into the concrete floor. Tim Racca was kind enough to put the guy's head through a window before he and his friends were given the bums rush. Aah, youth :-)

4/7: Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco : V.I.P.'s and The Rondo's

The short lived V.I.P.s were the best band we ever played with, bar none. They had 2 ex-Nun's (legendary SF punk band) and played a blend of power punk and metal. The guitarist (ex-Nuns bassist) wore a 50's nerd sweater with a bow tie and played as big as Jimmy Page, on a Flying V no less. Jennifer was like the modern Marlene Dietrich, just classy and stunning. RIP Jennifer...

The Rondo's were Greg of The Avenger's attempt at a pop band. Arfie of Berlin was on rhythm guitar, who very kindly agreed to arrive early and loan me his Flying V since mine was now in 2 pieces. Of course he instead struts in midway through a Tim-led, power-trio Mechanics set, with me enjoying quality mixed drinks as an audience member. Guitar players are fucking cunts, like always ;-)

4/8: Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco : The Rondo's, The Humans and Undersongs

Leonard Haze, the great drummer of Y&T (aka Yesterday and Today) came to visit our drummer Sandy, who he'd befriended in L.A. Leonard took Sandy off to party for Sandy's birthday, and Sandy had a hard time not speeding up every freakin' song that evening if you catch my drift ;-)

Have to mention here that Sandy and I always went to The Starwood whenever Y&T came down. That whole addage about how Van Halen would treat a room of 20 like it was The Forum applies doubly for Y&T (though it was always a packed Saturday night when they played). I've never seen a band tear around a stage like them, and Leonard had the most awesome, innovative right foot since John Bonham. RIP the great Leonard Haze.

4/16: Starwood, Hollywood : The Balls

4/21: Club 88, West L.A. : The Rondo's and The Genius Bros

The singer of the Genius Bros did so many drugs after his stellar performance that he sat screaming in a car for 45 minutes until the manager made someone drive him off due to neighbor complaints. Like the bands weren't loud enough or anything.

From original bassist Brett Alexander!

The Genius Bros were Butch Ruston on vocal, Sandy Hancock on bass, Tim Racca on drums, and Malibu Burt (AKA Brett Alexander) on guitar. Born out of a love of beer and loud music with nothing much to say other than a tongue-in-cheek, 'Hey, we're genius!' ...Right. Hey, it's always fun to switch instruments and see what happens. Tim liked to play drums, I was always a guitar player first, and Sandy... shit, he could play the bass, no problem. He loved to do those dive-bomb slides up and down the neck like Gene Simmons. He was rock solid. Sandy was hilarious. Butch did some singing, I think, back in his Troy High School days. He was too funny. We would write songs on the fly by having Butch point to various places on the neck of my guitar and basically I would just play chords in those positions, establishing the arrangements (if you could call it that) in a fast and loose manner as soon as Tim clicked his drumsticks 1-2-3-4. Sandy quickly learned by site what I was doing, and we were off and running while Butch screamed his lines, simply that we are Genius Bros. No profound statements here. If you weren't drunk, you wouldn't understand it.

5/10: Keystone, Berkeley : Pearl Harbor and the Explosions

Pearl was also known as being Paul Simonon of the Clash's main squeeze. We played the tightest set of our lives to crickets, then when she went on we watched the stage get rushed like they were Menudo.

5/12: Victory Park, Pasadena : Reddi Killowatt

5/14: Rockola, Long Beach Cable TV

30 minute T.V. show hosted by Bobby Blue, ex-KLOS DJ. Had a room full of all our friends, played marginally well considering how nervous (OK, completely fucked up) we were. Tried to get copy of show after but the station lost track of Bobby who took the masters with him. No video of us exists from this era. Life's like that, eh? :-)

Update, video found!

5/7: Starwood, Hollywood : The Front and Skin

The Front were a pre-fab punk band assembled by Angie Bowie, David's ex-wife. The night ended with Angie informing them how much they sucked, and their breaking up after a shouting match, which was infinitely more interesting than their set.

5/21: Starwood, Hollywood : Loose Change

6/2: Eagles Club, Garden Grove : Social Distortion

Pre-show I almost cold-cocked an old guy out who dared try and remove a half-finished 5th of Jack from my grasp. That's grounds for murder in some states.

6/12: Troubadour, Hollywood : Mick Smiley Band and The Real Kids

The debut of Pharaoh Sandy. Bob Jones (Manager) and I were talking to an unfortunate Hollywood drug casuality, while Sandy was roaming around, T-Shirt half over his forehead, pre-Cornholio-style. She was yammering away... "Y'know.., When I have MY kid, I'm gonna name him Robert, or Alan or..." Sandy raises a Belushi eyebrow, darts over right into her space, and eye to eye proclaims, "No!! You will name him Ramses!!!"

6/17: Hong Kong Cafe, Los Angeles : Rubber City Rebels

6/21: Bla Bla Cafe, Studio City

The 20th, the reformed Cowsills. The 22nd, Diana Canova from Soap. This was a quaint little piano and coffee bar in the Valley. Have no idea what we were doing here with stacks of Marshall amps. Timmy Maag's farewell gig...

7/14: Club 88, West L.A. : Fear

The weirdest looking show of our lives. Fear were a great punk band (best known for being the 1st group banned off SNL), and our female fans were on a Spandex and Final-Net hair kick. The two crowds looked extremely goofy together.

Fear were a blast to hang out with, and Lee Ving made it a point to see that everyones beer was topped off. A very polite host... Welcome Michael Dane.

7/15: Cuckoo's Nest, Costa Mesa : The Plimsouls and Suburban Lawns

Suburban Lawns were the nifty band that sang 'Janitor' and 'Gidget Goes to Hell', both staples on KROQ. My wife works with their guitar players wife. They should wrestle over whose husbands band was better. I'll videotape it if they do, I promise.

7/27: Hong Kong Cafe, Los Angeles : Bates Motel

I recently learned that Bates Motel was better known as the great Gleaming Spires whose videos we used to enjoy.

8/14: Bla Bla Cafe, Studio City

8/21: Hong Kong Cafe, Los Angeles : The Flyz

10/13: Mike Mountain's Birthday Party, Chino

Mike Mountain was the coolest guy we knew (rolling the doobie, Cheap Trick, Journey and Black Sabbath at The Coliseum!) We played on a hill over a valley off the 15 in total darkness, and when a police helicopter showed up with a spot light, there were over 2000 people lurking in the field below. Some birthday...

I saved a nice recollection of the party from the defunct www.kristopheranthony.com.

10/27: Julie Perrah House Party, Cypress

11/3: Jenny Taylor House Party, Fullerton

11/16: Troy High School, Fullerton

11/27: Starwood, Hollywood : The Spoilers

12/21: Julie Perrah House Party, Cypress

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