We're Goin' Straight To The Bottom


I'll pause and put an * by 1980, cause it's really painful to talk about ;-)

Before 1980, we avoided clubs in Orange County and tried to only play name L.A. and S.F. ones (except for house parties, we loved house parties!) to try and make into reality the big city headliners vibe we were keen on.

Somewhere beginning 1980, our high-profile management team were starting to lose faith, and were especially bothered that we wouldn't even consider moving to the L.A. area to be closer to them (and all of the action). They unexpectedly cut bait, and, in our cockiness, instead of looking for a similarly driven duo, we appointed our most loyal of party friends to represent us, figuring anyone could manage this wonderful band and be a success. So, in the span of a few weeks, we went from being represented by two L.A. business types to being in motherfucking Wayne's World.

Everything from here on out can be summed up by Michael Dane, our bassist who signed on around this time, who cornered me 6 months after joining and said in a curt manner, "So... What happened to all the big gigs you promised me?" You don't consider the Sunshine Meat and Liquor Company a big gig? Really..? That's cold!

1/25: Party, Unknown Location, Brea

3/1: El Dorado High, Placentia : Battle of the Bands with Southern Pacific and Joshua

3/2: Jezebels, Anaheim : Elite, Lights and Atlantis

3/16: Jezebels, Anaheim : Lynx, Speakezy and Outer Limits

3/25: Sunshine Meat and Liquor Company(!) : Atlantis

Yeah, I know, I'm embarrassed too ;-)

4/3: Casablanca, Anaheim : Tox and The Fridgidheirs

4/12: Linda Somebody's House Party, Yorba Linda

4/19: Warehouse Party, Placentia

5/6: Casablanca, Anaheim : Nightwing and The Blowbys

5/8: Noah's Ark, Long Beach : Arion's Lyre

I stole Arion's Lyre's opening song and turned it into 'Fist and Chain' which is on a Metal Massacre comp (With Slayer no less!). They should sue and recoup the $1.75 Scott and me made off of it.

5/10: Gordy Somebody's House Party, Fullerton

5/11: Jezebels, Anaheim : Removed and The Chills

5/18: Casablanca, Anaheim : Battle of the Bands with Xciter, Sinbad, Foreplay, No Surprise, Scandal, Rich Kid, Direct Drive, Slinger, Lynx, Elite and Back Alley

Everyone knew The Casablanca's house band Lynx would win (they did, go figure.) Despite the assholes running the club cutting our power four times as punishement for being too loud, we came in second and George (Dokken) Lynch's band Xciter came in third. Xciter should have beat all of us, actually...

5/30: Fullerton Airport, Fullerton

Some rich girls 16th birthday party in a giant airplane hanger.

6/7: Casablanca, Anaheim : Snow and Don Harrison Band

Snow were Carlos Cavazo's pre-Quiet Riot and Ratt band, and drummer Stephen Quadros, now known as an actor, martial arts expert, and great announcer for televised MMA bouts. They weren't that good the times they opened for us, and I used to rudely write them off in posts. Then I found this clip and realized I was wrong, this is pretty great :-)

The Don Harrison Band had an LP out and featured Doug Clifford and Stu Cook of Creedence Clearwater Revival.

6/21: La Cabana, Placentia : Speakezy and Elite

Speakezy was guitarist Darren's band who played with Scott after The Mechanics for a spell. Darren was an excellent player, cocky as all hell, and had an awesome Steve Marriott coolness anout him. RIP Darren...

6/28: Greg Lansbury's House Party, Costa Mesa

The beginning of an overnight party leading to a battle of the bands the next night. Scott and I spoke to God personally after two fifths of Lord Calvert (drunken from a huge silver chalice no less), and I spent the next afternoon and night in Greg's tub with the door locked fighting off alcohol poisoning. The Mechanics played without me the next night and Tim got to improvise all my solos. Scott slept in the doghouse that night, for reals, as the photo above is how I found him before my tub tour began.

6/29: Cuckoo's Nest, Costa Mesa : Gathering of the Bands with Legacy, Atlantis, L.A. Rocks, Elite, Speakezy, Borealis, Lights, Back Alley and Eden

The Tim Racca Experience. See previous entry.

7/13 - 7/14: Jezebels, Anaheim : KROQ Album Recording with Xciter, Yankee Rose, Network, Elite, Prankster, Finesse, Nu-Beams, Auto-Da-Fe', Eden, The Automatics and The Corvairs

KROQ brought down an expensive mobile unit and we were excited to be cutting an LP with George Lynch's Xciter on it. By the time they were ready to release it months later, half the bands had broken up, so they shelved it and put away the masters. Arrgh!

7/15 - 7/16: Chateau East Studios, Placentia : 45' Recording

Recorded our lone 45' with local board whiz Brian Webster. One recently went for the grand total of $348.00 on EBay, and one without a picture sleeve went for $76.00. More proof we were living gods :-) Brian recorded the 1st ever Metallica demo in the same place the same week with the much better Mustaine lineup.

8/1: La Cabana, Placentia : Lynx and Snow

8/23: La Vida Hot Springs, Carbon Canyon : Eden

9/28: Ichabods, Fullerton : Film At 11 and Minx

10/31: Brookhurst Community Hall, Stanton : Smile, Eden and Finesse

Smile were my idols circa 1977, but they (and us) had seen better days by this point. I had a surreal moment with Tommy Girvin, their great guitarist. They walked in during our sound check. and, being too shy to say hello, I opted to play a Smile song (Sailor) to get his attention. It was met with smiles (no pun...) and he then walked over. Instead of saying hello, Tommy started instructing with his hand like a music teacher - Go to the bridge here, 'D' part here, high part... Then he nodded and walked off without saying a word. I was left standing there thinking, "What the hell was that?"

12/5: Grossmont College, San Diego : The Mark, Vengeance and X-Caliber

12/12: Woodstock, Cypress : Gangster and Havana

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