Calico Jack were Rick DeVoll (Rhythm, Vocals), Craig Riech (Bass), The Great Jeff Cassidy (Drums), and Bob Faeser on Lead Guitar. They were hugely popular in the late 70's, and it kind of amazes me that even the worst Fullerton punk band from that era are Googleable (is that a word?), but rock bands from that era get no copy whatsoever. Calico Jack were one of the great local rock acts when rock acts reigned. Bob Faeser remains one of my favorite guitar players from our era.

These tunes are from their last show ever at Troy High School in Fullerton, (I believe) 1977.

Troy High 1977 - The Song Remains The Same

Troy High 1977 - Thunderbird

Troy High 1977 - Dog Eat Dog

Troy High 1977 - Jailbreak