Lead Guitarist



It took me a while to find my thing. I was slumming at Hughes Aircraft in 1996, when I ran into a bass player from Fullerton I knew named John Cartledge. While I wore a tie every day, John wore Levi’s, flip-flops, and had a ponytail down to his ass. He showed me what he did there, which was work on a Mac with other computer artists & listen to tunes on his headphones all day. This beat the hell out of my job, and I was off to learn his.

Shortly after I lifted the code from a Buffy the Vampire Slayer tribute site, inserted my own crap, and that was that. I’ve worked in design ever since, and am currently the Creative Director at a cool company in Irvine. My life revolves around parks and The Wiggles nowadays, and I wouldn't change anything...

Shadows - First Things First - 1985

La Mort - Gotta Move - 1982

La Mort - Fist And Chain - 1982

Shadows - Devotion - 1985