Eric’s Mechanics claim consists of one show (a house party, no less), which was The Mechanics last show ever. The next day I asked if he’d play with us as a power trio which got a yes. The Mechanics were shot at this point, so we went on for 3 more years with Eric as La Mort.

Eric was on a higher plane than most everyone else. He picked up bass really fast, and was able to figure out heavy stuff like Jaco Pastorius, having only played a year at that point. He’s an excellent freehand artist (did a Social Distortion 45' sleeve and the Metal Massacre III LP we were on), and has had shows around the area. A real artist. With us though, it was a case of bad timing. The other three of us were burnt out, our gear was badly in need of upgrading, and we were just going through the motions after Eric joined. I’m glad he had a stint with great bands like The Floorlords and Hard As Nails, Cheap As Dirt, and success on his own.


I found Eric perusing the Internet a few years back and we exchanged a couple of emails. He’s married, living in Long Beach, and has a big, happy family, as well as his cool Alembic bass.