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Mike Ness, Social Distortion, Unknown Mag: Mentioning an early show when he went up to L.A. with us.

VH1: Mike Ness of Social Distortion mentioning us as an influence. Kristopher highlights a party where we played to 2000 people as part of his tribute to Fender Bassman amps.

Tone Series – The 1965 Vintage Fender Bassman Amp By Kristopher Anthony – 2011/01/18

Early Experience With The Bassman

When I was around the age of 18 or 19, my fiends and I used to go to house parties on Friday nights mostly in and around Fullerton, CA. (the town where Leo Fender set up and built all his early guitars and amps)

There we would proceed to do our level best to help empty the kegs of beer and listen to local punk and rock bands thrash their way through their sets.

One of the bands we really liked and admired were “The Mechanics”. They were a speed metal/punk band that sounded great and really hit the gas when they performed. They looked as though they had all just gotten off work (as mechanics of course) and had no time to change before showtime. They would perform in dirty overalls, drink beer out of empty oil cans, and there were used car lot flag/streamers hanging all over the stage – or wherever they happened to be set up.

They wrote many of their own songs such as “Drivin me away” and “No Brakes”. They had a very unique and distinct two guitar sound in that they would play octave hamony chords that would just blister you ear drums but sounded so damn cool! Mike Ness, Dennis Dannel, and Rikk Agnew, everyone were fans of the Mechanics in those days.

Once I went to see them at a backyard party – must have been 1979 – in Chino Hills California. In those days it wasn’t built up at all like it is today and there were acres and acres of land out there on the other end of Carbon Canyon. The house they were playing at sat on probably 5 acres of empty land, which of course meant that there were roughly 2000 kids there.

I was looking at the sky or the horizon and I saw lights slowing approaching. I told my friends, “Hey guys, what the hell is that? It’s coming right for us!” when they got nearly right on top of us, the police spot lights were lit and began to Zig Zag all over the crowd. It was the COPS! We all starting screaming and howling at them and just making all kinds of noise… Hell, we were a bunch of Kids! Then The Mechanics decided to have some fun with it too. They launched into AC/DC’s Back in Black at Full Volume and the crowd went nuts… It was such blast…

Naturally that was the end of the party and we all had to leave and drive back home to Brea but it was more than worth it while it lasted. Review of our 45' from 2013. Mentioned at the bottom of being an influence to the newfangled punk scene.

Ten Thousand Words In a Cardboard Box: Blog entry reviewing my website from 2011.