AKA The L.A. Brats


I had an extremely lucky and fairly surreal moment in 2007 involving Sandy, Scott, Brett and myself. Before we were in The Mechanics, we had a band the L.A. Brats, and played all of three house parties early 1977. Sadly nothing existed of us.

Trolling the web, I found the singer of an early punk band from that era called Low Budget, who’d rebranded himself as Mr. Bali Hai due to his now defunct, totally cool Tiki culture website. I remembered they put out a local fanzine, and had interviewed us before our 2nd gig ever, which was a backyard party in Pico Rivera.

I’m poking around his website, and see an article called ‘Punked out in Whittier!’ Honestly, the very day before, he'd scanned and posted 30 year old negatives of local band’s he’d shot, and, not remembering our name, deemed us the Glam Corndogs(!!) for his gallery. If it’d been 2 days earlier or before I’d never have seen them.

Sandy, Scott, Brett and I played all three Brats gigs, and on our very first gig, John Crawford (later of Berlin fame) was the 2nd guitarist. I have a flyer lurking somewhere I'll add to these pics... Dig those bell-bottoms! :-)

Here you go, you lucky fuckers :-) This was Sandy, Brett and I's first band (Scott was already in a professional local band called Wink.) The stuff below sounds like everyones first band, ineptness and all. I'm happy to have unearthed it :-)

New Girl in School - 03/1977

Our 1st studio recording. I love this. Unbeknownst to us, Scott didn't have any lyrics, so he made them up on the spot (the alt. take is totally different.) Done in somebody named Doodlebug's(!) garage in La Habra for $150. The riff I stole from George Lynch of The Boyz (later of Dokken) and was originally called 'Night Train' (I also stole the title for a Mechanics song, I kind of wished I was George :-) The solo is me trying to be Mick Ronson, and, at least in spirit, I've never topped it in my life. Glorious racket.

Hang on to Yourself - 01/1977

From our 1st practice. Original Brats lineup with John Crawford on guitar before he hit with Berlin and the insanely underrated The Big F. John does all the solos, including the nifty wah-wah one, on an ES-335 he later sold to Pat Metheny for bank.