Timmy was a fan of The Mechanics when our original bassist Brett was still with us. When Brett left, Timmy approached Tim Racca with the idea that if Tim would teach him bass, he’d be our bass player. We all liked Timmy, thought he looked bitchen', and figured why the heck not? The band took 2 months off and explored new drugs at our studio, while Timmy and Tim woodshedded relentlessly at Tim’s house. When they came out, Timmy had all of our songs down, and was amazingly tight as fuck.

In my opinion, Timmy was the bands anchor. When we booted him out (nutshell, rehearsals were a bitch because Tim and Timmy would argue like cats and dogs - The rest of us decided Tim writes 99% of the songs, so sorry Timmy), there went our energy. We got a studio quality, professional bassist in Mike after, but we never had that nervous, manic energy that we were known for.


Tim is still residing in Fullerton and fixes amps for a living. He’s still producing and playing too. After The Mechanics, Tim played with The Cramps (who renamed him ’Touch Hazard’ for the single they did), formed punk legends D.I. with Fred Taccone, The Alice Bag Band, and a host of bands I’m forgetting right now.