Mike was the best bass player with the worst timing (though no fault of his own) in history. When we and asked Mike to join, we had a Hollywood management team, only played in the bigger L.A. clubs, and were at a plateau. By the time Mike left, we had a party friend representing us, Scott went from pretty Scott to biker Scott, my hair decided to leave town, and we were now reduced to playing shitholes in Orange County. Sorry about that, Mike.

We first met Mike when he and Brian Webster’s band Valhalla moved into our back practice room at our Fullerton studio. I liked Vahalla a lot, and Mike was a lot of fun to party with. Dry sense of humor, and it wasn’t lost on us that all of our girlfriends wanted to jump his bones. Great player, and the girls like him. Not a tough call when we needed a new bass player. Hope he’s still playing and happy.


Not a clue. I know he’s married, nice house & kids. What else can you ask for?