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Review: UFO and Van Halen, The Golden West Ballroom, Downey, 05/09/1976 »

Last year (2016) I got quoted a bunch in Van Halen Rising, Greg Renoff's great book, which is 100% about their pre-fame club days. When Greg was researching the book, he found my review on my old blog and we started chatting thereafter. Great guy and writer, the book made a lot of fanboys (and girls!) happy.

All My Ex's Live in Texas »

15 years ago, my friend Bryan had a blog page devoted to old girlfriends, and at the time I thought it was a cool idea. I wrote an un-published blog entry called, "All My Ex's Live in Texas', detailing mostly glib highlights of every person I ever dated back to back. The reason it was un-published is (I thought) it came out a bit self absorbed and gratuitous, so I forgot about it. Looking back, some of it was fun to read (at least to me). I re-edited it, and kept a just a few favorite recollections that hopefully wouldn't bum my wife out ;-)

Meet the Glam Corndogs »

Pre-Mechanics, Scott, Sandy, Brett and me were the L.A. Brats. Read why we were also the Glam Corndogs! :-)