Naughty Women were Fullerton legends going back to 73'-75'. Bob Larson (AKA Beatrice, Vocals), Bill Evans (Guitar, now owner of Black Hole Records), later on Mike Dratch (Lead Guitar), and at one time Izzy Stradlin of Guns and Roses was their drummer. They're most notorious for inciting a riot in the earliest days of The Masque, and some members driving up and down Sunset Blvd. and beating off to it's majesty. Did I mention they dressed like chicks and continually advised the audience that the audience were a bunch of fags? Song titles like their ode to sugar 'Vitamin S' and 'We Know You Bate' were freakin' genius. Here's my favorite NW tune (Lines Lines), and Scott Hoogland's choice (Living By the Sword).

Pix are from a latter-day (1981'ish) party in a basement in Riverside. The Omlits and a band called Cahuenga opened, and every song they did had the word 'Cahuenga' in it. Brilliant!

P.S., Dratch once gave me a home made button with an ass in tiger stripes. "What's this Mike?" "It's me in panties!"

Lines Lines

Lines Lines (Alt. Version)

Living By the Sword with Candy Samples Intro