Press and Random Goodies


Press and stuff I don't know where else to put :-)

The Herald Examiner, 1/10/78: Punk rock's worst and best (we're apparently the best ;-) Gig with Blackie of WASP's old band Sister.

Unknown Newspaper, 6/18/79: Sandy gets a nod as an, 'Excellent punk drummer'..

BAM (Bay Area Music), 3/21/1980: Scott gets a nod for guest singing with the great Weasels.

Melody Maker (British), 2/10/1979: Quick mention for upcoming Woodsound show.

FREEP (L.A. Free Press), 1/13/78: Review of Sister, Clique & Mechanics Troubadour show. Click HERE to view article.

Valley News, 12/13/1977: What's gotten into you, Laurie Breskin?

L.A. Times, 5/17/1996: Article about Tim's new band Da Losers and some Mechanics, Strand and Berlin history. Click HERE to view article.

L.A. Times, Unknown Date: Article about Tim's band 16 Tons new CD and some Mechanics history. Click HERE to view article.

Mechanics 45' Goes for $348 on EBay: Some poor schmuck won a bidding war for our 1980 45'. Has also sold for $250 and over $100 a few times. Don't have the heart to tell these people there are 500 more of these sitting in a warehouse somewhere ;-) Click HERE to view whole listing.

The Big Takeover, Unknown Date: Mike Ness (of Social Distortion) recalling a night he roadied for us in the 70's.

Meet The Mechanics: 1st press release (circa. early 1978) written by our manager Andy Epstein. Disclaimer under my profile, 'Body Builders(?)' was actually 'Body Buddies' cause I seriously wanted to jump the bones of host Jeanne Ernst. I do not like the Rod Stewart song, but I do in fact fucking LOVE Nick Gilder. Got a problem with that? :-) Click HERE to view whole entry.

Chateau East Recorder, Unknown Date: Our mix-guru Brian Webster talking about doing our 45' at Chateau East. Click HERE to view whole entry.

Press Release, 4/30/1979: Standard Press Release from managers Andy and Bob.