When we were around 15, Sandy was the best drummer in my neighborhood, and was jamming with a lot of different kids from school. I woodshedded a bunch so I could get better than them, with the sole intention of stealing him for myself. It worked. We played with Mike Moore (Vector’s) for a bit, tried a bunch of different rhythm players, and could never find a fit. We then found a second guitarist out of the The Recycler, John Crawford (later bassist and writer in Berlin) and became the L.A. Brats, then The Mechanics soon after that, and the rest is (minor) musical history.

Sandy’s famous for his great choice in fills, his feel, his amazing sense of humor, and, though most people sleep through drum solo’s, his solo’s are awesome. Glad he’s never left music.


Sandy’s been the busiest ex-Mechanic, playing sessions or in bands with Joey Ramone, 22 Jacks, Joyride, The Adolescents, China White, and currently with the blues band Mama Hagglin'. He’s married to a lovely girl named Rachel, lives with 200 cats, and has been a local car show staple for years. Last I remember, he had a 40’ Ford and a Chevy Nomad eating up his paychecks.