Lead Singer



The first time I saw Scott was when Sandy and I went to see our friend Victor Bornia’s band Cream Puff Fatty (not a typo, later renamed Wink!) play a noonie at a La Habra Jr. High school. They weren’t great, but I couldn’t take my eyes off their singer. Whatever it is that the Richard Ashcroft’s and Liam Gallaghers of the world have, he did too. That quiet charisma that chicks love.

We heard Wink gave Scott the boot for a stock-rock guy, then ran into him at a party. Scott was funny, offbeat, modest, and was the first person I’d met who loved the trinity of Iggy, The New York Dolls, and The Velvet Underground. Sandy liked KISS and I liked UFO, so we put our influences together and started a band...


Scott is currently singing with Poop with Rikk Agnew on guitar. They released a 45' in France on Posh Boy a few years back, and on it were a couple of Mechanics tunes with more bite then we originally did them. A killer single. Big ups Rikk!

Poop - Desecration Generation

Poop - Enema Punishment

Poop - Big Sky Pussy