My first memory of anything Stormer related is seeing The Sky People at Myron's Ballroom when I was 15. Sky People wore futuristic makeup, and may be the only band in history to have a theramin solo in UFO's 'Rock Bottom' :-) Anyway, their singer was the great Randy Jones, later of Stormer, who very politely offered me my 1st beer (Old English 800, no less), something I'm thankful for years later.

When I was a Thursday night regular at The Golden West Ballroom, I have to admit I kind of dismissed Stormer since I was more into The Boyz, Maelstrom and Van Halen. Stormer's guitar player Jimmy Bates was a little older than most the crowd, and (as I would soon be) follically impaired for his age, which, in my 16 year old head, was pretty much unforgivable. Didn't matter that he played rings around the likes of George Lynch and Larry Cheeseman. Those guys looked, y'know, like super bitchen'.

It wasn't until years later that I got how much Jimmy played rings around everybody. Once I re-discovered some old recordings, I realized it wasn't just his awesome vibrato (that I was already a fan of), he played with an undescribable power and confidence, and his tone rivaled Eddie Van Halen's (who was also a friend of his). I basically realized in my 16 year old pot haze, I just didn't have a clue.

Below are MySpace and YouTube finds, Drivin' being my favorite (find a cooler solo, dare ya ;-) Solid rhythm section, Randy's got a great voice, and freakin' Jimmy Bates. I play these all the time, partly cause they're brilliant, and partly to make up time for missing the boat for so long.


Hello Down There

Stone Cold Crazy

Falling Angel