Lead Rhythm Guitar/Main Writer



We met Tim when Scott was moonlighting with Tim’s band Head Over Heels in a 2-singer configuration (ala The Nuns years later). It’s was Scott’s suggestion that the Brats meet Tim, which I’d toss off since I wasn’t keen on having another guitar player, plus I was jealous since Scott would come back with stories about how well their shows were going, and we weren’t going anywhere. Scott kept raving about Tim, so we agreed to meet. We got together to rehearse, and everyone was amazed at how great Tim’s songs were. It was goodbye covers from then on, and we were now ready to make managers angry with us.


Tim has played and recorded non-stop since The Mechanics. He’s released CD’s under the name of 16 Tons and Da Losers, and recently recorded a demo that’s cooler than anything we recorded with The Mechanics 40 years ago. Tim got even better, how rare is that?