ROCK-O-LA Friday Nights, Long Beach Cable TV: 05/14/1979:

These ROCK-O-LA clips are the end of a 26 year hunt. I'd been looking for Bobby Blue, ex-KMET and KNAC DJ (and the host of this) show starting in 1980. I drove by the TV station and found he'd moved on and kept the masters with him. After some digging by Charlie Harley, Bobby was located and made me copies for $350 of what had been in storage since 1979. Three songs survived off a year-end 'Best Of' show. Sadly. the unedited master of the actual 45 minute show didn't. The performances are so-so (friggin' hate studio lights, mix has no Tim), but the quality is good, and I'm very glad to post here.

This is the actual 58 minute 'Best Of' ROCK-O-LA show mentioned above, with clips from Steve Hackett, Ian Hunter, and includes us doing Little Hitler, which I left off the clips above since it's kind of a train wreck (can't hear Tim, bass is out of tune, my embellishing notes are prominent which sounds weird :-)

Brian Webster, 8MM Footage: 1979

Courtesy of Brian Webster, 9 minutes of Mechanics and friends goodies. Brian always had an 8MM camera around before there were VHS camera's. In order of appearance:

3 minutes of old flyers, set to the tune of the 'B' side of our single which I still hate :-)

Filthy limericks set to hanging around at the Fullerton studio (NSFW). Mike Couden still reads dirty limericks better than anyone. Lastly Club 88, 07/14/1979.

Hong Kong Cafe, 07/27/1979 with nicely dubbed music.

I can't thank Brian enough for making this. Nowadays kids have their lives saved in digital quality, 30 years ago this is all we had.

Starwood, West Hollywood: 04/19/1981:

Ozzy Osbourne's legendary Randy Rhodes lineup were going to do a surprise club set this night until some asshole called KROQ and let the cat out of the bag. The club was packed with stoners who still believed Ozzy'd show. I have a video of us from this night, and by the end of the set there's a ton of "Ozzy!!" chants from the back of the room. Poor Metro Hotel went on last and got bottled off after three songs. Ozzy!!!

This was our last (of many) Starwood shows right before we hung it up.